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Ras Mohammed by bus for half day from Sharm El Sheikh

Ras Mohammed by bus for half day from Sharm El Sheikh

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The National Park Ras Mohammed is the pride of Egypt.

Available days: daily

This place is home to more than a thousand different species of fish, and grows about 150 species of corals. In addition, it is rich in land fauna. Mangrove trees provide a valuable nesting opportunity for birds.

On the area of the national park, you can see coral reefs that have risen above sea level in natural conditions, dating back to 2 billion years. There are also geological faults in the earth - the result of earthquakes.

Another miracle of Ras Mohammed, the Salt Lake, deserves special attention.

A child under 5 years old is free, 5-12 years old $10.

Departure from hotels starting at 08:30, depending on the location of the hotel. Return in approximately at 13:00-14:00.

The excursion program includes:

- Transfer to The National Park about 30 minutes;

- Stop at the Gates of Allah;

- Stops for swimming in the bay;

- Stop near mangrove trees;

- Stop near a break in the earth's crust after an earthquake;

- Swimming in the Lake of Wishes.

The excursion price includes:

- Transport service;

- Services of guide.

The cost of the excursion does not include (paid separately if guests want):

- Rent equipment for snorkeling (mask ~$2, fins ~$3, life jacket ~$4, suit ~$5);

- Photo and video materials made by the photographer on board;

- Personal expenses.

Be sure to take with you to the excursion:

- Passport;

- Swimming suit;

- Coral shoes;

- Headwear;

- Sunglasses;
- Beach towel;

- Snorkeling equipment upon availability;

- Drinks;

- Sun cream;
- Phone or camera;

- Money for personal expenses.


✔️ All taxes and fees are included in the price. Please DO NOT pay any additional fees.

✔️ For video and photography, as well as the timeliness for discs delivery to the hotel, negotiate on the spot, the company “Cool Egypt” is not responsible.

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